Welcome to Botry-Zen.

You can now protect your crops with our residue-free products.

Based in Dunedin, NZ; Botry-Zen manufactures and distributes biological, certified organic input , and natural fungicides for the NZ, US and Korean horticultural markets. Our products, BOTRY-Zen®, MIDI-Zen® and ARMOUR-Zen®, provide full-season sustainable protection from diseases including Botrytis, Psa, Sclerotinia and Powdery Mildew.

An organic input certified by BioGro (NZ), IFOAM (International) and OMRI (USA).

Our Mission:

In providing natural and organic fungicide sprays for the horticultural industry, we are able to help:

  • Reduce the amount of chemicals getting into our food supply;
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals getting in to our soils from over spray;
  • And reduce the amount of chemicals leaching into our waterways.


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